Let users select which Pinterest image to pin

Shared Counts is focused on privacy and performance. We don’t load any third party scripts because they could be used for tracking your site’s visitors and could slow down the speed of your site. When a visitor clicks the Pinterest button from Shared Counts, they are taken directly to Pinterest.com with the Pinterest image pre-selected. […]

Use title attribute for Pinterest description

When users pin a specific image in your post, Pinterest works through the following hierarchy to find the pin description. The first one it finds, it uses. data-pin-description attribute, which is a custom attribute specifically for the Pinterest description. You can manage this using a plugin like Tasty Pins. For more information, see our article […]

Creating new button styles

Shared Counts includes many style options built-in, but you can also create your own custom styles using the shared_counts_styles filter. The styles are added as a class on the .shared-counts-wrap container. If you’re using the “Fancy” style, it adds a class of .style-fancy which you can use to target CSS (example). The following code adds […]