Disable the plugin’s CSS and JavaScript

Shared Counts loads a stylesheet which contains the styling for the many style options offered by this plugin. You can prevent our stylesheet with the following code: Make sure you include your own styling for the Shared Counts buttons in your theme’s stylesheet. Disable JavaScript Shared Counts includes a JavaScript file for the following functionality: […]

Display different buttons in each location

In Settings > Shared Counts you can control the site-wide settings for which share buttons are shown and where they appear (before and/or after content). For more fine grained control, you can use the shared_counts_display_services filter (added in version 1.3) to customize which services are available in each location. You might also be interested in […]

Add a Reddit share button

Shared Counts includes buttons for the most popular social sharing platforms, and you can use the built-in filters to add support for additional services. The code below adds a Reddit share button. Note that this will not increase the total share count when shared on reddit. This only adds a sharing button. Here’s some information […]